IT Syllabus SPPU 2019 Pattern

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The syllabus which we are going to provide are released on Pune Universitiy’s official website.

SPPU IT BE 2019 Syllabus

Pune University Information Technology (IT) Syllabus All Years

First Year | Common For All Branches

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Second Year | SE IT

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Third Year | TE IT

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Fourth Year | BE IT

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Course Outcome

PSO1: An ability to apply the theoretical concepts and practical knowledge of Information Technology in analysis, design, development and management of information processing systems and applications in the interdisciplinary domain.

PSO2: An ability to analyse a problem, and identify and define the computing infrastructure and operations requirements appropriate to its solution. IT graduates should be able to work on large-scale computing systems.

PSO3: An understanding of professional, business and business processes, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities.

PSO4: Practice communication and decision-making skills through the use of appropriate technology and be ready for professional responsibilities.