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This page will update once the results has been declared and the server is live. So, you can see back and relax until the results are perfectly visible to the students.

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The much-anticipated moment has arrived for the Third Year Engineering (T.E) students of Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) as the results for the 2019 pattern are set to be declared today. After weeks of anxious waiting, students are eager to know the outcome of their hard work and determination. However, history has shown that accessing results through the official portal might not be as smooth as expected. Website crashes and delays in displaying results have been recurring issues, leaving many students frustrated. In this blog post, we explore the challenges faced by students during result announcements and offer tips on how to navigate through them.


The T.E examinations were conducted over a month ago, leaving students eagerly waiting for the results. Unlike the final year results, which were declared on 20th July, the announcement for the T.E results was delayed, heightening the anticipation among students.

Challenges during Result Declaration:

During previous result announcements, the official results portal struggled to handle the surge in traffic as thousands of students logged in simultaneously to check their marks. As a result, the website would often crash or become unresponsive, leading to significant delays in displaying the results. This left many students anxious and disappointed, especially during the initial hours after the declaration.

The Recommended Approach: To cope with the challenges of result declaration, students are encouraged to remain patient and avoid panicking if they face difficulties while accessing the results. Waiting for some time and checking again later is often the best strategy. The website’s servers tend to become overwhelmed with traffic during the initial hours, but the load usually stabilizes over time.

Tips for Students:

  1. Check Later: If you encounter any issues accessing the results immediately after the declaration, give it some time before trying again. The website’s responsiveness is likely to improve as the initial rush subsides.
  2. Stay Calm: It’s natural to feel anxious about your results, but panicking will not resolve any technical issues. Take a deep breath and remember that the results will be available eventually.
  3. Be Prepared: Have your seat number and mother’s name ready before attempting to check the results. Entering the correct information will help you avoid unnecessary delays.
  4. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on SPPU’s official website and social media channels for any official announcements or updates about the result declaration process.