Beyond the Syllabus: SPPU AIDS Paper to CS Students with Data Science Paper Mix-Up and Difficulty Spike.

Pune Unviersity

On 3rd April 2023, the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) conducted the engineering third year semester exam for the Computer Science (CS) branch.

However, it was reported that the paper for the subject of Data Science was exchanged with AIDS Data Science paper.

The CS students who appeared for the exam have raised concerns about the difficulty level and the relevance of the questions asked in the paper.

Some of the students complained that the questions were beyond their syllabus and not in-depth enough.

One of the main concerns was related to the question on “Dimensionality Reduction” in Unit I, which was asked in a detailed manner, including its benefits, despite it being covered only briefly in their syllabus.

Similarly, the students also pointed out that the question on “Regression” was asked in a detailed manner, which was covered in Unit IV, whereas it was only introduced briefly in Unit I.

Furthermore, the students also raised concerns about the questions related to “Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI,” which were not covered in their syllabus.

Instead, they had a similar difference between “Data Science and Business Intelligence” in their syllabus.

The students also noted that there was no in-in-depth discussion on the topic of “Contingency Table,” which was not covered in their syllabus.

Additionally, the students complained about the difficulty level of the paper, which was similar to that of a Master’s level exam.

The students also reported that the paper was time-consuming and challenging, with some of the sub-questions requiring more than 10 minutes to solve.

Moreover, the paper did not include any questions related to Big Data, which was a significant topic in their syllabus.

The students have requested the university to investigate the matter and take appropriate action to ensure such mistakes do not occur in the future.

They have also requested the university to consider the difficulty level of the paper and take necessary steps to ensure that the questions are within their syllabus and can be completed within the given time frame.

Overall, the CS students who appeared for the SPPU engineering third year exam expressed their dissatisfaction with the paper’s difficulty level and relevance of the questions.

They hope that the university takes their complaints into consideration and takes appropriate action to improve the examination process.