SPPU Computer Science Engineering SEM 5 Books TE CS 2019 Pattern

Computer Science Engineering books for TE CS 2019 Pattern which will help you to prepare best for the exams.

We tried to provide all the books at on place, which will help you to save time for purchasing books from online sites.

Books from Technical, Techknowledge, Nirali & Tech-Neo Publications.

Computer Science TE Subjects

310241 Database Management Systems Click Here
310242 Theory of Computation Click Here
310243 Systems Programming and Operating System Click Here
310244 Computer Networks and Security Click Here
310245 Elective I Options:
310245 (A) Internet of Things and Embedded Systems Click Here
310245 (B) Human Computer Interface Click Here
310245 (C) Distributed Systems Click Here
310245 (D) Software Project Management Click Here

Guidelines for Course

As per the apex bodies’ recommendations and guidelines, it is need of the day to train the pre-final year students for the industrial readiness through internship. As per the guidelines of AICTE, the duration of internship is 4-6 weeks after completion of semester V and before commencement of semester VI, so it is apparent that the contact hours of the TE students need to be managed meticulously.

It becomes mandatory as per the structure that 4 credits for internship must earned by the students. Per semester, 15 weeks duration that is suggested ideally by the affiliated university will eventually reduce to fruitful 12 weeks after the implementation of the revised curriculum (2019 Course). With the evaluatory introduction of internship in the structure, we are left with the choice of 4 theory courses in the sixth semester with 12 weeks instead of traditional 15 weeks.

To balance the credits and to achieve the minimum required contact hours, it is the reasonable choice to allot 4 hours / week for each theory course of the sixth semester of Third year of Engineering. The additional one lecture/ week will definitely be instrumental in achieving the largest of minimum contact hours. As such there is no correspondence of weekly load and credits earned, the credit allotted per course remain intact despite of the change. So it is almost imperative that the commencement of VI Semester need to be approx. 3 weeks beyond the schedule.